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The Molecular Pathology Institute has 5 Main Research Groups that work together. The institute also collaborates with many external bodies.

  1. The Cancer Biology Research Group (CBRG): The CBRG group is focused on tumour markers: discovery, validation and mechanistic studies.  On-going researches are on mechanisms of cancer metastasis, drug resistance and validation of oncogenic therapeutic targets.

  1. The Infectious Disease Research Group (IDRG): focuses on neglected and emerging infectious diseases and highly transmissible diseases. Currently, the group is developing bacterial stock cultures to empower research across institutions in Nigeria. Ongoing studies include virulence genes in Helicobacter pylori, Filarial infections and Hepatitis B and C infections in chronic carriers.

  1. The Molecular Diagnostic Research Group (MDRG): This translational research group is focussed on bringing bench discoveries to clinical laboratories. It  has been validating a lot of Real-Time PCR assays for haematological malignancies and infectious dieases for clinical laboratories.

  1. The  Ethnomedicine Research Group (ERG): Working on botanical and herbal drugs, testing them for activities, mechanisms of actions and possible commercial development of complementary medicines.

  1. Data Science Research Group (DSRG): focused on biostatistics, bioinformatics and machine learning. This group are also involved in studies on Health Technology Assessment, Health Economics and Computational Biology.

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Our Recent Publications

The Molecular Pathology Institute has 5 Main Research Groups that work together. The institute also collaborates with many external bodies.

Our Recent Publications

1.  Yaji ME, Nna E & Umeh EU (2017). Helicobacter pylori Pathogenicity-Associated cagA and vacA Genotypes Among Nigerian Dyspeptic Patients. Journal of Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnostics, 8: 4. DOI:10.4172/2155-9929.1000351.

2. Yaji, ME, Nna E & Ega R (2017). Assessing the Reliability of PCR, Microbiological and Histological Methods in Detecting Helicobacter   pylori in Gastric Biopsies. Journal of Biomedical Sciences; Vol.6, 4: 32.

IJMD Journal

The International Journal of Molecular Diagnostics is the official publication of the Molecular Pathology Institute, Nigeria. It seeks to publish original, high-quality papers on scientific findings in the field of molecular diagnostics. It encourages basic, applied and translational research in medicine especially clinical and occupational health diagnostics. 

The scope of the journal covers all nucleic-acid methods, tests,procedures and investigations that produce better ways of diagnosing, classifying and prognosticating diseases. It encourages publications on molecular diagnostics that are applicable to low income resource settings. It welcomes studies on genetic polymorphisms that are linked to diseases and health, molecular diagnostic methods in clinical trials, improved DNA-based testing methods for infectious diseases, solid tumours and haematological malignancies. It accepts molecular studies on neglected and emerging tropical diseases.

Research: Welcome
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